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Florence Crittenton is a relationship-based organization in Helena, Montana that provides family-centered support.

Through a comprehensive continuum of services, our programs offer an array of support and services to help families thrive. We believe that children should accompany their parents to treatment and that a family centered treatment approach is most effective in building a lasting foundation for young families.

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A gift today will give a family a chance, the opportunity to grow and thrive, and create a bright future for our communities for years to come

Meet the Families

Nicky's Story

I am a single mother of four with children from five to fourteen years old. Single parenting is a tough job.  In the last year and a half I have especially struggled parenting my oldest son who was recently diagnosed with a mental illness. Naturally, this has affected our whole family dynamic and has been incredibly challenging and at some times, devastating. Last fall I saw the class Parenting with Love... Read More

About Florence Crittenton

Meet Florence

Florence Crittenton’s History

It all started with a little girl called Florence. Florence (affectionately known as Flossie) was born to Charles and Josephine Crittenton in 1877. Tragically, at age five, she...


Our People

Our Staff and Board

Florence Crittenton’s work, in Helena, Montana, is made possible by the talent, dedication and inspiration of our people. Our team brings a wealth of experience and strives to provide exceptional...



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Our employees, our experience and our expertise are at the heart of everything we do at Florence Crittenton. Across every department we are working towards the same...


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