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Florence Crittenton is a relationship-based organization in Helena, Montana that provides family-centered support.

Through a comprehensive continuum of services, our programs offer an array of support and services to help families thrive. We believe that children should accompany their parents to treatment and that a family centered treatment approach is most effective in building a lasting foundation for young families.

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A gift today will give a family a chance, the opportunity to grow and thrive, and create a bright future for our communities for years to come

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Saturday, February 13, 2021

PINK 2021 is bringing you whole new ways to celebrate the love in your family while supporting the love in ours.

While there will be no in person event, we will be hosting a 30-minute virtual program on February 13th. We are bringing the fun home with unique ways to give, like a Valentine’s Date Night box for couples and families, two raffles, a nostalgic Paper PINK activity, and other fun ways to spread the love and simply give.

What better way to celebrate the love this Valentine’s Day than by providing hope, compassion, and dignity to the most vulnerable in our community!

Find out all about PINK 2021 and how you can contribute to the lives of our young families.

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Amy's Story

When I came to Florence Crittenton, I was 16 years old and pregnant.  My pregnancy was unplanned and was a result of a very abusive relationship.  I was scared and desperately in need of help. I had people advising me to terminate the pregnancy or make an adoption plan but even though I knew my family would have supported whatever decision I made I said no, this little person is... Read More

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Florence Crittenton’s History

It all started with a little girl called Florence. Florence (affectionately known as Flossie) was born to Charles and Josephine Crittenton in 1877. Tragically, at age five, she…


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Florence Crittenton’s work, in Helena, Montana, is made possible by the talent, dedication and inspiration of our people. Our team brings a wealth of experience and strives to provide exceptional…



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Our employees, our experience and our expertise are at the heart of everything we do at Florence Crittenton. Across every department we are working towards the same…


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