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You will receive confirmation when you submit your application, and our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you within the next week.
For questions about volunteering, call 406-413-7068 or email [email protected]

Why Volunteer?

Share Your Time and Talents

Thank you for your consideration of donating your time to Florence Crittenton! The gift of time is one of the greatest we can give to others. By serving as little as one hour per week as a volunteer, you can provide encouragement, boost someone’s self-esteem, and brighten someone’s future. In addition, your volunteer hours can provide cost savings to the organization. Current research indicates that volunteers provide an hourly rate of return of $29.95/hour. Many businesses have volunteer programs and opportunities for matching gifts based on volunteer hours, so please explore opportunities with your employer.

All volunteers that work directly with our children or clients must pass a criminal and Child Protective Services background check.

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