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We host a number of events throughout the year. From Paint the Town PINK which sees 525 guests to brewery nights to small private gatherings that see 8 guests, we have events of all types!  If you would like to consider hosting an event of any scale, please reach out to our Development Director at 406-413-7046 or email [email protected].

Support Our Girls

Support Our Girls is our fall fundraiser that has a fun origin.  About 12 years ago, our residential programs needed nursing bras.  Playing on the double entendre, we hosted our first Support Our Girls Bra Auction to raise money to purchase them.  Decorated bras were packaged with trips, food packages, events, etc., and sold to the highest bidder.  Over the years, Support Our Girls has grown to net about $40,000 in 2022, and sees about 150 guests. The event is festive, and lively, and continues to grow to provide needed resources for the families we serve.

Paint the Town Pink

After a few years of hosting the Chair-ity Auction at the Montana Club with 100 people in the room, the Board of Directors at Florence Crittenton led by Board members Nan Ballien, Shauna Thomas President, Margaret Anderson, and then Executive Director Pat Seiler, and Development Director, Barb Burton, decided they would take the event to the next level and kicked off Paint the Town PINK in 2003. The small event of 250 held at the Civic Center raised about $30,000, and so began a legacy. Today that legacy carries on, raising $200,000-$300,000 per year to support the programs at Florence Crittenton. Over the 20 years, the event has incredibly raised over $3 million, all of which the proceeds go straight back to helping families in the care of Florence Crittenton!

While the event has become bigger and better every year, it has always been characterized by one important aspect, amazing and at times, outrageous decorations! The early days of Paint the Town PINK featured paint cans on each table with fabric draping all the way to the ceiling of the Civic Center. There were the days of full themes, such as the Cruise Ship at Carroll College and the Wizard of Oz theme. And who could forget the fantastic dragon celebrating the Chinese New Year? When the event became too big for the Civic Center the decision was made to move to the Fairgrounds, and there began the really big décor. Sea creatures illuminating the ceiling, circus tents, stilt walkers, and larger-than-life peacocks and antlers…if you can dream it, you have probably seen it at PINK!

The event has been a great representation of our organization over the years. Just like PINK, Florence Crittenton is constantly evolving to provide high-quality services to the community. As was once said by an attendee to now Executive Director, Carrie Krepps, “classy event for a classy organization.” The event has always represented the highest quality and attention to detail, just as we do with our programs and service to our clients every day. The event also represents a sense of community, no different than the organization itself. PINK brings together sponsors, auction donors, volunteers, and attendees from all walks of life to put together an incredible event each year. It is never done by one single person, just as our work with our clients is the effort of the entire team of staff and the community’s support. And most importantly, the event represents the ideal that with support something, or someone, can come from humble beginnings and achieve greatness in this world. Our highly anticipated PINK speakers every year highlight this perfectly. We love to see them shine as they share their story and their lives today. As the event has grown and changed and achieved, so have our clients…and we are so proud of both.

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