Florence Crittenton sells Harris St facility to Youth Dynamics

Florence Crittenton Home & Services Foundation is delighted to announce the sale of their facility at 901 North Harris St in Helena to Youth Dynamics, Inc.

Florence Crittenton’s Residential, Community and Early Childhood Programs have been housed at the facility since 1995. The building was designed and purpose-built by the Foundation using HOME grant funds, and private fundraising dollars, and for the past 28 years has provided a space for compassion, hope and healing for some of the most vulnerable young families in our State.

In December 2021 Florence Crittenton Family Services purchased the historic Cooney Campus on Cooney Drive in Helena. This new campus will provide space for the agency to grow as well as the ability to combine all programs onto one campus, enabling the agency to provide a continuum of care to families and take advantage of significant cost savings that a single campus brings to the organization.

Florence Crittenton is currently renovating their new campus, affectionately known as Project Sunshine which is scheduled for completion in Summer 2024. The Florence Crittenton Foundation will be using the proceeds of the sale to support the new campus in both short-term support for the continued fundraising efforts of Project Sunshine, and long-term support of the campus through an endowment dedicated to the care of the Cooney campus. Project Sunshine remains an active capital project and fundraising efforts still remain critical to the completion of the project.

After much interest in the Harris St facility, terms were agreed with Youth Dynamics and the closing will be on Monday Oct 2nd, 2023 at 10am at Flying S Title Company.  Florence Crittenton will lease back the building until the completion of the residential floor at the new campus.

Youth Dynamics will use the Harris St. facility as the new site for their Lewis & Clark Youth Home, which provides residential group home behavioral health care to children and teens. In addition, it will be the site for their Helena and surrounding area community services. Statewide, Youth Dynamics delivers family-focused behavioral health care to children between 0 and 18, with residential services provided to youth ages 8 to 14 at their Lewis and Clark Youth Home.

Carrie Krepps Executive Director said, “We could not ask for a better situation than to see our beloved Harris facility go to a wonderful organization like YDI. We have always wanted our home to go to a good home, and nothing makes us happier than to know the facility will continue to be filled with children receiving the love and support they need to thrive in our community. We are looking forward to working with Dennis, Jordan, and their team in Helena to make this a smooth and successful transition. I cannot thank our Foundation board and our agents, Didi Peccia and Mike Casey, enough for guiding us through this process.”

Dennis Sulser, Chief Executive Officer at Youth Dynamics, said, “We’re pleased to move into a space that has the legacy of Florence Crittenton, as the missions of our two organizations are very much aligned. The new site will be the perfect place to deliver family-focused, trauma-sensitive behavioral health services, meeting all our needs and, most importantly, the needs of the children and families we serve.”

For more information on Florence Crittenton’s new campus please visit www.projectsunshine.info.