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2023 Annual Report

We are so fortunate to have a generouscommunity—donors, volunteers, businesses,and federal, state and local governmentpartners—that recognize the value of ourwork. Thanks to you, Florence Crittenton is ina strong position to continue to serve thebabies, children, and families that need usmost.

Florence Crittenton receives grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Florence Crittenton is delighted to announce they have received a $188,000 grant from the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust. These funds represent an award received by Florence Crittenton to fund a Director of Operations position, and ancillary related expenses, for three years providing invaluable strength to Florence Crittenton’s infrastructure and operational excellence during such a […]

Fall 2020 Newsletter

In a world where we are overcome with concerns about the safety and wellbeing of our children, we at Florence Crittenton believe that path to change starts by ensuring our most vulnerable citizens – our children – have the best possible start. We believe this requires compassion, hard work and change.

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