I ended up at Florence Crittenton as my last chance. I had been on probation but after what was my final mistake when I was 4 months pregnant, my Probation Officer found Florence Crittenton and proposed the idea to the judge and he agreed.

I got to FCH still in rebel mode and to be honest I feel like I left in that way too not realizing how much of a special opportunity I had to be there.  I realized after being in the real world with just me and my child that being at FCH was the biggest blessing not only for me but for my son too.  My experience there was amazing.   I met lifelong friends and people I can always call if need to.  I had been in a youth center for a year before I went to FCH so I was not happy about being there. I was very upset but even though I was away from everyone I loved, FCH made me feel like they were my family. They have seen me at my worst and still would never turn their cheek to me. 

They took us on amazing outings that proved to me I didn’t have to get high to have fun or be happy. They showed me the beauty of the world without drugs. I appreciate so many little things I didn’t before I went there. I learned to love the small blessings in life. I learned how to take care of my child in an effective way and with their bonding and attachment group I learned how to be bonded with my son.  He and I are like two peas in a pod.  He’s 2 now and can already express his feelings to me and only me so I know everything I was taught there made me the mother I am today. 

I see my child who is polite and kind and very loving to anyone he meets. My son is the most amazing person I have ever met. It almost makes me cry writing all of this because I have so much gratitude and love towards everyone at FCH.   They gave me my life back and made it so I could raise my son with high standards and unconditional love.  I wasn’t raised with rules or chores or any of that but my son has very strict rules and a very strict schedule and he himself will say “momma keep Romey safe”, and that makes my heart smile because FCH taught me that rules and high expectations make a child feel safe and that means the world to me that my child feels safe.

 Even when I’m just feeding him or changing him or doing anything a mother is required to do he will say, “Thank you Momma so much, best Momma ever”.   I’ve never been proud of anything I’ve done in my life but FCH gave me the skills to be a good Mom and that is something I am so proud of myself for.

  FCH also taught me a lot about relationships.  I thought I loved my child’s Dad but I didn’t and it was a very emotionally abusive relationship. Once I got home I left him and it was the best decision I could have made not only for me but for Roman as well. Now I am with someone who treats me like a princess and tells my son that he’s his son and he’s his daddy. He provides for me and doesn’t emotionally abuse me or abuse me in anyway.  I have a job and am registered for next semester’s  classes. My life’s on track more than ever and it feels so good. I’m no longer involved with DFS or Probation.

Being a Mom is more than changing diapers and being their just to take care of your child.  Being a Mom, in my eyes, is the biggest blessing you could be given. It’s about putting someone entirely before yourself and instilling love and morals into their mind.  We live in a very bad world but becoming a good person starts at home. Being a parent is the most important job and privilege there is. My child has taught me more than anyone about what matters and what loving someone truly means.

I couldn’t write in words how much you (FCH) all did for my life and my son’s life. I’m forever grateful. Thank you.