New Chemical Dependency Group for Parents

Time:  Weekly Group – Wednesdays 6-7.30pm

Group size:  12 participants

Population: This chemical dependency group is available to mothers, fathers, caregivers and parents of all ages looking to increase their awareness with their relationship to their substance of choice and how that effects them directly and indirectly.

Overview: This group provides an in-depth exploration into communication skills, life skills, and thought processes associated with having healthier, more effective relationships in recovery.  We specifically address the impact substance use has on parent/child relationships and explores healing those relationships.

Clients learn and practice effective communication skills, life skills, and identifying maladaptive behaviors to build healthy relationships with themselves and others while working towards ending destructive ones.

This group provides support to help increase long-term recovery and relational wellness. The group also teaches awareness of risk factors, triggers for relapse, and skills to cope with challenges before and during the recovery process.

Group Facilitator – Christopher Schaff, Licensed Addictions Counselor

Chris holds a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Counseling from Montana State University.  Equally important as his academic qualifications is his experience as a father to three wonderful children.

Chris offers a compassionate, judgement free approach to Addictions Counseling.  He believes everyone deserves a second chance and that through hard work, compassion and understanding every individual can reach out and take their lives back.

Areas of Expertise:                                                                      Therapy Methodology:                               

Addiction                                                                                        Group Therapy

Early interventions                                                                        Motivational Interviewing

Self-awareness                                                                             Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cross-Addiction                                                                            Cognitive Principles and Restructuring

12-step programs                                                                         Reality Therapy

Coping skills                                                                                  Psychoeducation

Communication skills

Relapse/recidivism prevention

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