Our Program at a glance

  • 24 hour intensive care and support
  • Bonding and attachment therapy
  • Prenatal & childbirth education
  • Circle of Security © and Love & Logic parenting classes
  • Lactation support services
  • Group, individual and family therapy
  • Substance abuse recovery support services
  • Educational support
  • Onsite Child Enrichment Center
  • Recreational activities
  • Adoption education
  • Independent living skills

Fotor0103103418Residential Program for Pregnant and/or Parenting Teens aged 12 – 21

Our residential program is a complete living experience that transforms lives.  Treatment is continuous, and not limited to group and individual therapy with our expert therapists.  Some of the most valuable therapeutic moments occur when cooking meals, changing diapers, playing with babies or sitting around a campfire.

Each client has a treatment team specific to her needs. The team usually includes at least one therapist for individual/family/group therapy, a specialty therapist for bonding/attachment therapy and/or equine therapy, an intake coordinator/family liaison, an educational liaison, tutor (if needed), an independent living skills instructor, parenting skills instructors and 24/7 direct care staff.

An individual treatment plan specifically designed to meet the goals for each teen is designed upon arrival by this team.  The plan incorporates the teen’s treatment, educational, and life goals and goals for the future of her child.

Clinical services include the following:

Specialized bonding and attachment therapy

This therapy gives each new mother an opportunity to examine her own attachment history as it might relate to her ability to bond with her child.  With group, individual and video-taped interactions, our bonding specialist explores the relationship between mother and child and helps mother to understand the child’s inherent need for security and love.

Group, Individual and Family Therapy

Our masters level therapists design a treatment plan to meet the needs of each young mother in our care.   Family therapy is an important part of the treatment plan and may be conducted via the telephone if distance is prohibitive.

Substance abuse recovery support services

Group and individual therapy is available where appropriate by our licensed addictions counselor.  Florence Crittenton fully understands the implications of co occurring disorders and puts a priority on keeping mothers clean and sober.  Girls are also encouraged to join 10 step groups in the community.

Lactation Support

Our Certified Lactation Consultant is a professional breastfeeding specialist trained to help mothers understand the fundamentals of lactation, as well as provide lactation counseling and support.  We believe in empowering mothers with the idea that they are not only nourishing their babies, but to encourage them to view breastfeeding as an opportunity to develop a warm and loving bond, and to help mothers and babies succeed in having an emotionally gratifying breastfeeding experience.

Onsite Child Enrichment Center

Our facility houses a fabulous child enrichment center where babies are cared for while young moms continue their education or seek employment.  Staff at the CEC are highly trained to continue our nurturing philosophy of care, helping young moms navigate childcare routines and ensuring that little ones feel safe, secure and happy.


At Florence Crittenton we strongly believe in having fun and having fun with babies!  Montana offers a wealth of incredible recreational opportunities which are an important part of our program.  Camping trips, hiking, art contests, theater, rodeo, swimming and trips to national parks are a regular occurrence.

Independent Living Skills

From the moment a young mom arrives at our program one of our goals is to help equip her to be successful living independently in the future.  Our Independent Living Counselor works with each girl one on one for specific needs and organizes group activities to help teach important skills for successful living.  These include balancing a check book, financial budgeting, basic household maintenance, grocery shopping within a budget, cooking and nutritional education, job skills training and transitional housing assistance.

Adoption Counseling
Adoption counseling and information is a part of every pregnant and parenting teen’s program at Florence Crittenton.  Even if they have made the decision to parent it is important for them understand the option of adoption and be supportive to others who may be making the choice of an adoptive placement.  Girls choosing adoption work closely with counselors from an agency of their choosing to find a suitable forever family for their baby.

To a teen mother, an education takes on even more importance.  It can be the key to attaining independence, increasing self-esteem and continuing the goals she desired before she became pregnant.  All teens are required to continue their education during their treatment.  We collaborate with the Helena School District to provide the best possible educational alternative for teen mothers.   In addition to the traditional high school setting, the district offers two alternative schools where young mothers, with their additional responsibilities can finish their education during treatment at Florence Crittenton.  Individual tutoring is also available.
Classes – all girls in our residential program take part in the following classes:

Loving Your Baby From the Inside Out – A group designed specifically for pregnant teens.  Classes are focused on preparation for motherhood, childbirth education and designing an individual birth plan that honors each mother’s wishes.

Circle of Security ™Parenting Classes – An 8-week, evidence-based class which help moms understand the need for a healthy attachment between themselves and their babies and teaches ways of enhancing that bond.

Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun™ – The Love and Logic® approach is fun!  Using plenty of real life stories, examples, and humor, the authors make this a program that parents really enjoy. This curriculum provides parents the skills required to feel more relaxed, hopeful and positive about their children. As they learn more, they’ll discover that parenting really can be enjoyable, and that they can teach personal responsibility and respect without losing their children’s love.

Strive to Reach Independence, Values, & Education – S.T.R.I.V.E. is a group designed specifically for young moms aged 12 -18. The group offers a supportive, relaxed, encouraging atmosphere where teen moms can meet and support one another in achieving success in parenting, relationships and in their education.

Additional Resources

Referrals are made to local to psychiatric, neuropsychological, neurological, medical, dental, eye and other specialist providers in our community.  Babies are born at St. Peter’s Hospital.  Community OB/GYN and Pediatric Doctors provide excellent medical care.