Be a part of the change…

Every child deserves a loving parent, every parent deserves a chance.

young fam

A chance to receive an education, be safe, be strong, love and be loved, hold boundaries, be healthy and be proud.  Florence Crittenton provides a chance to change the future… two lives at a time.  Will you help?

There are many ways you can be a part of the change by supporting the programs for young families at Florence Crittenton.  From monetary donations, to volunteering, to in-kind donations, to attending events, there is a path for everyone to be involved in changing the future.

A Commitment to Our Donors

Florence Crittenton takes seriously its responsibilities to donors and the ethical use of donor dollars.  Our fundraising budgets are carefully considered each year through our budgeting process and are used in a thoughtful and practical manner in order to have the most impact on our programs.  We consider our donors our partners and work to maintain long-standing relationships with each donor.  Our goal is to match your wishes for impacting young families and our communities with the appropriate services and programs at FCH.  We are all about families at Florence Crittenton and we welcome all donors and partners as part of that family!

Tips on Making Donations That Have an Impact

The Association of Fundraising Professionals has some great tips on helping ensure your donation has the greatest impact.  Visit this site to find The 25 Ways to Make Your Gift Go Further.

Donor’s Bill of Rights

Link to the Donor Bill of Rights from the AFP page.


Florence Crittenton is a proud member of the Montana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), the Montana Non-Profit Association (MNA), and is a United Way-affiliated agency.

For more information on Florence Crittenton’s fundraising and development activities please contact Carrie Krepps, Development Director, at 406.442.6950 x217, or [email protected]