Mailing Address & Facility                                Preschool

Florence Crittenton                                              940 North Roberts
901 North Harris Street                                       Helena, Montana, 59601                                                                        59601
Helena, Montana, 59601

Tel:  406 442 6950                                                  Tel:  406 996 1111
Fax:  406 442 6571


General email:  [email protected]

Adoption Information

We realize that the search for your roots or the whereabouts of your adopted child is a very sensitive subject.  We will do everything we can to help your search.  To request information about someone you think may have received adoption services through Florence Crittenton in Helena, Montana please contact us.

Please Note:

  • We only maintain records of women who received services in Helena, Montana.
  • In order to receive specific information on the record, the requestor must contact an intermediary to help with this process.
  • If you have any questions concerning this process please email [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in Florence Crittenton.

Search for Someone

The National Crittenton Foundation has a web page which can assist you with your search for someone who has a connection with any Crittenton agency.  Click here for more information: