Welcome to Florence Crittenton

A Compassionate Retreat in Helena, Montana

Embrace serenity at Florence Crittenton’s Rehab for Women and Children in Helena, Montana, a sanctuary where the focus is on mending and growth for both you and your children.

Recovery is a journey best taken with a healthy support system. At Florence Crittenton, we offer rehab services for women and their children, fostering environments where healing and growth are possible.

Personalized Recovery Pathways

Our doors open to a journey tailored just for you and your little ones, with every step designed to guide you gently towards healing.

Therapeutic Services

Explore a spectrum of therapeutic experiences that support your individual healing while weaving you into a tapestry of community care.

Supportive community

Become part of a network where shared journeys illuminate the path to recovery.

Child-Friendly Facilities

Rest in the knowledge that your children are enveloped in a space that’s as safe and nurturing as your arms, allowing you to focus on your healing heart.


Discover how our rehab program can aid in your recovery journey. Reach out to us today.


Florence Crittenton offers a safe and nurturing place for families to heal, grow and thrive.

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3404 Cooney Drive
Helena, Montana 59602

Child Enrichment Center: 406.996.1111
Fax: 406.442.6571

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