Welcome to Florence Crittenton

A Haven of Healing for Mothers and Babies

Step into our home of healing at Florence Crittenton, where the journey of recovery is taken hand in hand with your little one. Within these walls, we’ve crafted a sanctuary where mothers and babies can gently find their way back to strength and connection.

Individualized recovery plans

Each mother-child pair is a unique story; our recovery plans are their tailored narratives.

Therapeutic counseling

Heartfelt sessions that nurture the bond between mother and child, strengthening the threads of family ties.

Supportive community

Join hands with mothers on similar paths through our structured peer support groups, finding strength in shared experiences.


Reach out to learn more about our recovery home and how we can support your journey to healing and happiness.


Florence Crittenton offers a safe and nurturing place for families to heal, grow and thrive.

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3404 Cooney Drive
Helena, Montana 59602

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