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What Makes a "Home for the Holidays?"

Your contribution in support of young mothers and children at Florence Crittenton represents the gift of confidence and encouragement as these promising families work to heal and grow together, building a HOME filled with hope, joy, and security that will carry them through many holidays to come.

Amanda's Story

I was just 13 when I got to the Crittenton Home. Scared and all alone not knowing what really just happened to me. It took a little bit to get used to. After I started engaging myself in their programs, I realized what little I knew about having a kid…. let alone raising one at such a young age. Eighth grade is not a choice age for this to happen. I went through my pregnancy taking all the classes I could; and I really leaned a lot! You see, I didn’t grow up in your ideal family setting, so this was all a good learning experience. I got to my 8th month and the father and I decided to make an adoption plan. And with the great staff at the home, I was able to find my little bundle of joy a perfect home to grow up in.

Now 21 years later my little girl is going to have her own baby! Thanks to all the classes I took, I have also been married for 16 years and have 3 more children with my husband.

It was so scary at first and all I thought about what how to get somewhere else. That didn’t last too long. As soon as I gave the Crittenton Home a chance, I got a second chance at life. To re-learn how really I should have been raised.

Yes, I want to help make a Home for the Holidays

Embrace the spirit of the holidays by helping create a sanctuary at Florence Crittenton, where young mothers and families work to build a home with hope, joy, and security for many holidays to come.
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Creating a foundation on which to build a healthy Home.

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of our clients graduate with custody of their children.

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Resulting in the prevention of CPS or other intervention.


Florence Crittenton offers a safe and nurturing place for families to heal, grow and thrive.

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