Program Summary:  Each day, we provide high-quality care for the children in our Child Enrichment Center and Preschool (Child Care areas). In an effort to expand our care hours and devote more time and quality services to the children in our care, volunteers are welcomed (and needed) in our Child Care areas to help with sanitization and cleaning the program areas.

Qualifications: Child Care area volunteers must be at least 16 years old and have current MMR and Tetanus immunizations. The volunteers must physically be able to effectively clean and sanitize the required areas including being able to bend, stoop, lift 15 pounds, and perform push/pull actives. They must pass criminal and child protective services background checks.

Commitment:  Most volunteers in these programs give an hour of their time, one to four days per week, generally Monday through Thursday 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Reliability is important.

The Florence Crittenton Staff will:

  • Be the contact and supervisors of volunteer cleaners, and relay information;
  • Provide the appropriate cleaning and sanitization supplies, including directions and/or checklists.

Volunteer Cleaners Will:

  • Sweep, mop, vacuum, and take out trash all areas;
  • Clean/Dust all interior windows, windowsills, and the tops of items (Ex: the top refrigerator, cupboards and doors, baseboards, etc.);
  • Clean/Sanitize kitchen including loading/unloading the dishwasher, handwashing dishes if needed, wiping down counter tops, cleaning cooking surfaces and microwave, etc.;
  • Clean/Sanitize bathrooms including toilets, floors, sink, mirror, etc.;
  • Clean/Sanitize play and nap areas, including sanitizing toys and equipment;
  • Sanitize all high touch areas including door handles/knobs, door frames, light switches, appliance handles, drawer handles/knobs, handrails, etc.

Volunteer Cleaners Will Not:

  • Use their own money for cleaning supplies, or bring in their own;
  • Drop by when not scheduled;
  • Solicit donations on behalf of Florence Crittenton without the express permission of the Executive Director.