Florence Crittenton Volunteer Babysitter

Program Summary:

One of the challenges our young moms will face when they leave Florence Crittenton is securing safe and reliable childcare for when they cannot be with their children. We hope that through this program, their first attempts at arranging childcare and working with babysitters will be positive and successful. There are two different babysitter programs at Florence Crittenton. The Group Time Babysitters Program is one in which volunteers commit to a regular schedule each week. The On-Call Babysitters Program is more flexible, according to your personal needs. Volunteers can participate in either program alone or can be a part of both programs.


Our babysitters must be at least 21 years old and have passed both criminal and child protective services background checks. Volunteer babysitters must physically be able to care for young children, including being able to bend and lift 25 pounds. They agree to babysit at Florence Crittenton. The Volunteers must provide the Criminal Background check and a clear TB screening to Florence Crittenton. FC will conduct the CPS background check.


This is an on-going commitment, and participants must agree to be a part of the babysitting program for a minimum of six months (but one year is preferable). Group-Time Babysitters commit to cover one and a half to two hours, one afternoon per week. On Call Babysitters commit to scheduling hours each month when they will be available to babysit if needed. The day or days agreed upon to be on call are entirely up to the volunteer and can change each month.

Hours required:

Weekdays between 3 – 5pm or 5 – 8pm
Weekends between 10am – 1pm

Group-Time Babysitters:

 Arrive 15 minutes before that day’s group is scheduled to begin
 Baby sit in the common area of Florence Crittenton, while staff are charting
 Talk with children’s mothers, before and after service, to make sure there is continuance of care
 Prepare, serve and clean up afternoon snack time
 Read to, play with, and generally give undivided attention to babies and toddlers
 Change diapers, when necessary
 Supervise nap time if appropriate
 Understand and adhere to Florence Crittenton’s Policies and Procedures
 Stay in close communication with their program manager
 Attend a quarterly in-service training with all volunteer babysitters
 Maintain and submit monthly time sheets
 Call in advance if unable to fulfill scheduled shift

On Call Babysitters:

 Choose the day or days, each month, when they agree to be on call
 Arrange their schedule so that during their “on call” days, they are available to say “yes” when/if a staff of Florence Crittenton calls for their services
 Baby sit in the common area of Florence Crittenton
 Prepare, serve, and clean up snacks and meals as necessary
 Change diapers when needed
 Give baths and help with bedtime rituals when appropriate
 Maintain and submit monthly time sheets