Substance Use Disorder Recovery & Treatment – Outpatient & Residential

Florence Crittenton provides comprehensive individual, group, and family treatment including intensive outpatient services

Our objective at Florence Crittenton is to provide the appropriate supports to young families that help them heal from their past, help them become successful parents, and provide an improved sense of wellbeing. This is done through the integration of socio economic supports, high quality mental health care, substance use treatment, access to appropriate medical care and educations regarding pregnancy, parenting and life skills.

Pregnancy and parenting are sometimes an opportunity for parents to see past their own traumas and have the clarity to move forward.  Families have a lot to gain by embracing recovery.

Florence Crittenton is a level 3.1 American Society of Addiction Medicine Program.

Eligibility Criteria:

Parents of all ages

Mothers, Fathers and Extended Family

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Treatment Philosophy:


  • Pregnant women and those parenting very young children should remain together during recovery.
  • Substance Use is an illness and should be prioritized for treatment.
  • Cooccurring treatment should be responsive to trauma.
  • During pregnancy and the first 3 years of life, children who experience a low trauma and stress environment have the healthiest life outcomes.
  • Treatment should honor the individual and their goals.
  • Successful treatment depends on comprehensive care including family support services.
  • Women deserve the highest quality care possible while pregnant that addresses a continuum of needs.
  • Children experience trauma when separated from their primary caregivers for extended periods of time.
  • Education about substance abuse and use is the best method of prevention.
  • Providing high quality services is imperative to success for clients.
  • It takes a community to ensure the success of the individual.
  • There is no greater motivation for recovery than the birth of a baby.


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