Parenting Support

Parenting Classes

Florence Crittenton provides evidence based parenting classes to Riverside Women’s Correctional Facility. We also provide both prenatal and parenting education to our residential clients as well as young parents using our outpatient services. Our curricula are specifically designed for young parents and are delivered in a trauma responsive, nurturing environment.

For more information on Florence Crittenton’s Parenting Education, please contact Andrea Holmes at 406.442.6950 x or email andr [email protected]

Early Intervention Specialists

Florence Crittenton provides easy access to community service providers in the areas of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. We believe in utilizing program supports and interventions as early as possible so as to improve outcomes for children.


Every parent and child entering our programs receives a comprehensive assessment using a variety of evaluation tools. This information helps our clinical team tailor an individual treatment plan to meet each family member’s needs. Our goal is to assist every parent and every child in meeting social emotional and physical determinants of health and wellness.

Home Visiting

Florence Crittenton is part of the Partnerships for Home Visiting to offer free family support through home visiting programs. The mission is to provide information, support, skills and encouragement to strengthen families during the crucial early years of life.

Florence Crittenton provides in-home services through two evidence-based home visiting models, Parents As Teachers® and SafeCare. Home visits can serve pregnant women and families with children through age 5. Families work with a home visitor around topics such as bonding and attachment, positive parenting skills, safety, child development, and overall wellness.

Support includes:

  • What to expect during pregnancy
  • Tools and gear to childproof your home
  • Free child-development screenings
  • How to cope with tantrums
  • Fun games and activities to do at home
  • Information on community events and resources for families and kids
  • What to do when kids get sick and when to go to the doctor

Visits take place every other week in the most comfortable setting: the family home, Florence Crittenton’s Outreach Center, or other agreed upon location.

For more information on Home Visitation, contact Jen Burckhard at 406.442.6950 or email [email protected]

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