Early Learning



Based in our main facility is a licensed childcare center that provides services to both families residing in Florence Crittenton’s residential programs and the Helena community. Our center offers the highest level of nurturing care for infants and toddlers aged 0-2. Our team of early childhood experts provide a developmentally appropriate and rich environment to stimulate and nurture growth and development across all areas.

The Child Enrichment Center is a part of the STARS to Quality program- a continuous quality improvement program for early childhood education in Montana.


Florence Crittenton’s Preschool is a licensed early intervention program that serves children ages 2 and 3. Our program offers children and families a playful, interesting, and rewarding first school experience.

Children learn best in a setting that includes children of all abilities and backgrounds. We believe that it is never too soon to begin receiving the highest quality educational opportunities.

We understand the importance of nurturing your child’s strengths and talents, while offering an increasingly challenging academic and social emotional program that fits the unique needs of your child. Our goal is to prepare your young person for the next educational step both academically and developmentally.

If you have any questions about Florence Crittenton’s Childcare Center or Preschool, would like to set up a tour or discuss the enrollment process, please feel free to contact Andrea Holmes our Director at 442-6950 x217 or email at [email protected].

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