Florence Crittenton is delighted to be offering Nurturing Parenting Classes for adults who are in treatment and/or recovery for substance use problems, and who are in parenting relationships with children.  It is also useful for partners of parents with substance use problems and extended family members who are parenting the children of adults with substance use disorders.

What’s so special about the Nurturing Program for Substance Use Treatment and Recovery?

  • The recovery journey is so important for parents, this class really digs in to identify triggers and help parents build confidence in their parenting as they start their journey.
  • Nurturing Program is a parent education curriculum that utilizes thought/lecture/teaching with emotional processing and hands-on activities
  • Parent Education in this program means learning new patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving and practicing these new skills. It means participating in activities & experiences designed to enhance self-awareness, empathy, personal empowerment, self-esteem and self-concept.
  • Nurturing Program does not intend to offer answers as much as encourage participants to consider the questions
  • Learning happens through integration of perceptions, knowledge, emotional value and consensus from a person’s family, culture and peer group
  • It is important that partners of those struggling or recovering from Substance abuse can also attend, the person recovering is not on their own, and there is a perspective from all parents in the group

This unique curriculum is taught by 2 Master Nurturing Parenting trainers, 1 who is also a Licensed Addictions Counselor.

Classes begin in January

Length:  Approx 17 weeks

1.5 hours per session; 1 class per week

Thursdays from 4-5.30pm

Contact:  Call Ben Horn at 442 6950 x213 to enroll or email [email protected]

Cost:  $50/session, with insurance billable and sliding fee schedule