Florence Crittenton is expanding services focused on providing specialized outpatient treatment for young families. With a staggering number of families affected by substance use, they are aiming to provide supports that allow parents and pregnant women to receive therapy, counseling and support wrapped in social supports and hopefully prevent family disruptions.

“Florence Crittenton is uniquely positioned to address the challenges faced by parents with young children,” said Executive Director Barbara Burton. “It has been our mission for 118 years to ensure families had the support they need to be successful. The treatment challenges today are influenced by a lack of social supports, a need for parenting education and ensuring underlying causes are being addressed”. According to Burton, supporting young families struggling with substance use is not new to the organization. In the past, as many as 95% of their residential clients struggled with the effects of substance use. The addition of an outpatient clinic allows them to meet a broader need in the community. Services will be provided to adolescents and adults under the age of 30 who are pregnant and/or parenting.

“We believe in helping families succeed. With the addition of these services, we hope to help address a critical need in our community”.

Florence Crittenton has decades of experience strengthening young families and building a stronger community. Our family centered treatment approach is unique in that children accompany parents to treatment where appropriate. Each family member has an individual treatment plan covering all aspects from intervention to prevention. We believe that pregnancy and parenting are sometimes an opportunity for parents to see past their own traumas and have the clarity to move forward. Families have a lot to gain by embracing recovery.

Our licensed clinicians, Aleece Berg, LCSW, LAC, Ben Horn LAC and Cristina Fowler MSW, SWLC are all trained to be trauma responsive and culturally sensitive and through continuous professional development strive to deliver the exceptional services to all individuals and families.

Florence Crittenton’s Outpatient Clinic is based at our main facility at 901 N Harris. Our clinicians are now accepting new clients. To make an appointment please call 406 442 6950.