Program Summary: Nutritious, home-cooked meals are prepared in house daily for the young mothers and children who live here. The grocery coordinator will work with staff to develop shopping lists from menus and shop for groceries for our young mothers and their children. The grocery coordinator is a great asset to our team. This volunteer position is supervised by the Finance Office and includes shopping for up to three programs in the facility.


  • The Grocery Coordinator Volunteer must be 21 years of age and will complete the regular volunteer application;
  • Must pass criminal and child protective services background checks;
  • Must possess strong attention to detail, be reliable, and be responsible;
  • A valid driver’s license and use of personal vehicle is required;
  • Must have an understanding of meal planning, and be able to create grocery lists;
  • Will be on his or her feet for several hours and lift up to 30 pounds.

Commitment: This is an on-going, weekly need. Participants are asked to dedicate 2-3 hours weekly and commit to serving for a minimum of six months. This role could be shared by multiple volunteers. The shopping day must be either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday each week.

Grocery Coordinator’s responsibilities:

  • Verify the shopping list against the inventory of current food items in the home
  • Report any differences or concerns about the list or inventory to the Finance Office;
  • Notify to the Finance Office when the list has been done to coordinate the method of payment;
  • Shop for groceries on the list weekly by adding item to online carts and purchasing directly at the store (Walmart and Costco);
  • Bring items back to the home and work with staff to inventory and organize;
  • Return receipts to the Finance office with required signatures.

Grocery Coordinator Will Not:

  • Solicit donations on behalf of Florence Crittenton without the express permission of the Finance Office.