HELENA – In about three months Florence Crittenton in Helena will implement a new treatment model for young mothers and pregnant women.

In recent years the center for young parents and families has seen an increase in substance abuse and the effects the using has on the parent, family and children.

The program offers women an opportunity for treatment at any point in their pregnancy or once they have children. The services will have an emphasis on providing help for substance use, mental health and trauma, as well as providing support for the child.

Barbara Burton, executive director for Florence Crittenton said the program will be the most effective way for families to heal.

“I think one of the things that we have observed and heard from others is that it is very difficult for women with especially very young children to commit to any kind of program that separates them from their children,” Burton said. “A quote that I love is ‘love children and successful families lead to thriving communities’ and I think it’s important to remember this is a community issue.”

For those interested, there are a variety of ways to help Florence Crittenton including monetary donations. Click here for more information.


Florence Crittenton to offer new treatment program