Florence Crittenton is delighted to announce more comprehensive treatment for young parents and children through the re-opening of its residential programs under an expanded model of care.

Many young women that are served are anticipated to have co-occurring mental health diagnosis and substance use disorders. Our goal is to ensure safe pregnancies and healthy early childhoods for the children in our care, while treating parents to aid their healing and recovery.  This approach of both prevention and intervention in the life of a young family can have a powerful effect in transforming the trajectory of the two lives at stake, as well as the communities in which they live.

Though our new Transitional Living program, homeless pregnant and parenting mothers ages 16 to 21 and their children from all areas of Montana can access support.  The program focuses on permanent housing solutions and the tools they need to maintain housing, including mental Health and Substance Use Treatment.

This program is funded by a federal award that Florence Crittenton received from the Runaway & Homeless Youth program within the Administration for Children and Families. This funding in the amount of $194,000/year for 5 years comes at a critical time as state funding cuts are being implemented that will significantly impact these at-risk families. The investment in these lives will ultimately save taxpayers and our communities substantially.

The second program that is accepting applications is a 4-bed, licensed Substance Use Disorder Recovery Home for Pregnant and Parenting Young Women and their children. Florence Crittenton is addressing the fact that 46% of all open cases with Child and Family Services are meth related.   With assistance from a grant by the Montana Healthcare Foundation, Florence Crittenton’s highly skilled Clinical team has created a program that builds on our experience with at-risk young women and children and addresses recovery and building skills required to prevent relapse; all while building stability and resilience for the children. This program will be accepting mothers age 18-24 and their children up to age 5.

Florence Crittenton will continuing to serve pregnant and parenting youth under age 16 in our residential programs through the Maternity Home license held with the State.

Florence Crittenton has provided critical care to young parents for over a century.  A core philosophy of all programs is that children should accompany parents to treatment. This family centered approach to treatment has shown profound outcomes and is the evidence-based approach that the agency believes will truly transform the lives in our care.

Barbara Burton, Executive Director said, “Our new approach creates an environment where young parents partner with treatment services to create a new strategy for healthy living. Florence Crittenton was founded on the belief that every family deserves an opportunity to overcome adversity and thrive.”

About Florence Crittenton – where compassion meets action.

Florence Crittenton is a trauma informed, relationship based organization that provides a wide variety of resources for pregnant and parenting young families of all ages. Our approach incorporates treatment and comprehensive support through mental health and parenting education.

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