Florence Crittenton is delighted to announce new programs that provide opportunities for hope, healing and recovery for parents of all ages struggling with addictions.  Florence Crittenton is a trauma informed, relationship-based organization that provides a wide variety of resources for pregnant and parenting women and young families of all ages.

After a comprehensive restructuring Florence Crittenton now offers an array of programs both residentially and on an outpatient community basis. Florence Crittenton’s primary objective in restructuring the organization was in seeking to meet the needs of families across the state and locally.

For those families needing the highest level of care the agency provides a residential recovery program that focuses on addressing trauma, mental health and substance use. This program is unique in that parents are able to bring their children to treatment with them.  This prevents children being placed in the foster care system and allows a parent to heal while still providing a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

Florence Crittenton is a family centered treatment program and focuses equal attention on the children as their parents.  Each parent and each child have a treatment plan and takes advantage of the agencies comprehensive clinical and early childhood programs.  These programs include early intervention services, high quality childcare and preschool for children up to age 4.  Parenting education is a high priority for Florence Crittenton, ensuring all parents leave our programs feeling confident in their ability to parent, know how to access support services on an ongoing basis, and have improved their overall wellbeing in terms of mental health and recovery which is critical to these families’ long term success.

Florence Crittenton’s outpatient services provide care to parents of all ages in the community including fathers, as well as mothers.  Group, individual and family therapy are available by our licensed addictions counselors who provide support and encouragement for parents seeking recovery and simultaneously gives the opportunity to learn vital parenting skills.

To dovetail with our expanded services for families struggling with substance use challenges, Florence Crittenton is also excited to be able to offer Nurturing Parenting classes to community members.  This class is specifically tailored to parents struggling with substance use and is an 18-week evidence based program.  These classes as well, as therapy are run at Florence Crittentons expanded outpatient clinic.

“With substance use and mental health struggles reaching epidemic proportions in Montana, the work Florence Crittenton is doing is vital in helping the state reach its goals for improved health for families.  We are providing a solid foundation for children and overall wellbeing for parents, which provides a strong trickle down throughout the community.”  Said Florence Crittenton’s Executive Director Barbara Burton.