Florence Crittenton has a long history of providing residential programs and community services to meet the needs of our young families. It is with great excitement that we announce the addition of new services to our residential programs. As an organization, we are constantly evaluating the needs of the populations served by our mission. In evaluating need, it became evident the amount of support for comprehensive services that address mental health including substance use while parenting has increased. Florence Crittenton views this as an opportunity to fill this need because it enhances the services extended to the population we have always served.

Florence Crittenton strives to improve outcomes for families in order to build a strong, safe, healthy foundation for parents and children. Our goal is always to secure permanency in families and avoid attachments being disrupted and children removed from their caregivers. These programs greatly impact the health of both parent and child during the critical period of time from prenatal through to the child’s first 5 years of life. We believe it is better to get it right the first time for these children than try to fix it later.

Florence Crittenton is accredited by the Council on Accreditation and provides high quality programs using evidence based models that transform lives. In order to effectively restructure we are temporarily suspending admissions into our residential programs. This will allow our clinical and administrative staff to fully focus on launching our new program and ensure that policies and procedures adhere to the highest standards. All community outreach programs will remain open.

Florence Crittenton has a long history of serving the under served in our community. We believe the investment we make in young parents and their children is invaluable and not only changes their lives but shapes our community. Florence Crittenton’s core value is Courageous Innovation and to this end we believe this restructuring will result in our ability to serve 3 times as many young families and build a robust organization that will be working to help the most vulnerable in our society and build a stronger healthier next generation for our State.