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Florence Crittenton volunteers enrich the lives of our families, and staff Volunteering also adds great financial value. Volunteer hours are valued at as much as $24.69/hour. We happily utilize volunteers in all aspects of our program. Serving as little as one hour per week, you can provide encouragement, boost someone’s self-esteem, and brighten someone’s future. Choose the volunteer program that will make the best use of your personal talents, and feel good about giving of yourself!

All of our volunteers apply and must pass a criminal and Child Protective Services background check. To find current information on our volunteer needs including specific positions, days, hours and necessary availability, check the list of posts below. Click on each title for more information. You may also fill out our general volunteer contact form.

Volunteer Mentor

Florence Crittenton - Volunteer Mentor Position Description Program Summary: Volunteer mentors are matched with young mothers from our program, and together they forge a meaningful adult relationship. In mentoring at Florence Crittenton Home and Services, the...

Meal Preparation Volunteer

Meal Preparation Volunteer Job Description   Program Summary Each day, we provide three nutritious, home-cooked meals for the young mothers and children who live here. Breakfast and lunch are typically prepared solely by staff, and the young mothers help staff to...

Volunteer Babysitter

Florence Crittenton Volunteer Babysitter Program Summary: One of the challenges our young moms will face when they leave Florence Crittenton is securing safe and reliable childcare for when they cannot be with their children. We hope that through this program, their...

Preschool Volunteer

Florence Crittenton Preschool Volunteer Position Description Summary: Florence Crittenton Preschool is seeking individuals interested in offering their time and support to our two to four-year-old children. Volunteers in the preschool work alongside our paid staff...

Child Enrichment Center Volunteer

Child Enrichment Center Volunteer Position Description Summary: The Child Enrichment Center (CEC) is seeking individuals interested in offering their time and support to our infants and toddlers. Volunteers in the CEC work alongside our paid staff members to...

For general information on how you can get involved with volunteering at Florence Crittenton,  please submit the form below or contact Jodie Lineaweaver, at 406.442.6950 x208 or [email protected]


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