Brittany Nelson is the Early Childhood Teacher’s Aide for Florence Crittenton Preschool. While new to early childhood education as a profession, she has provided care for younger siblings, as well as her five nephews!!! An advocate for early childhood education, she believes exposure to high quality learning and environments in the formative years is essential in helping prepare children for school. Brittany seeks to ensure children in the program establish skills that promote social-emotional, cognitive, communicative, and physical development. Since joining Florence Crittetton, she has discovered the preschool setting provides opportunities for children to grow in their abilities to successfully interact with peers and adults, establish and maintain friendships, develop effective listening skills, follow routines, learn to share, and express their ideas and feelings. Brittany finds working with the children is fun and inspiring, because each day is a little different. She “loves kiddos creative minds and their way of thinking and curiosity”. She enjoys helping children learn and grow through play everyday!