When I came to Florence Crittenton, I was 16 years old and pregnant.  My pregnancy was unplanned and was a result of a very abusive relationship.  I was scared and desperately in need of help. I had people advising me to terminate the pregnancy or make an adoption plan but even though I knew my family would have supported whatever decision I made I said no, this little person is mine and I want to parent him.

My school counselor and a friend at my Health Department told me to check out Florence Crittenton so I went to the website and read about it and decided it would be my best chance at being a good mom and getting my High School Diploma.

I arrived at Florence Crittenton and everyone was so lovely and kind to me.  The staff were very supportive and the girls too. Just 2 weeks after being there I was in a parenting group when my waters broke.  This was scary because I was only 29 weeks pregnant.  The wonderful staff took me to the hospital and I ended up being life flighted to another hospital where my baby was delivered at 30 weeks and we stayed for 3 months.

This was such a rollercoaster time for me as my baby had really good days but some really hard ones too and it was scary.  I have never been so touched in my life as I was when Florence Crittenton staff would bring me cards and notes saying they missed me and wishing me and my baby well.  Those messages made me cry.

After 3 months we were able to leave the hospital and go back to Florence Crittenton.  I was very thankful for all the help the lovely staff members gave me.  It was scary to have a small baby and they helped me learn so much and gain confidence that she would be ok.

I think if I hadn’t been at Florence Crittenton I would definitely have dropped out of school and I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have got my High School Diploma which I am so proud of.

Now I am discharging from the program to go home I am planning to get a job as a CNA or an RN so I can support my child myself and spoil her.

I’m so thankful that I came to Florence Crittenton and am determined to tell other teen moms about this place.  The staff are wonderful and the girls are super supportive of each other.  I learned so much through parenting groups and most of all that sometimes it’s ok to ask for help.