Florence Crittenton

Helena, Montana

Florence Crittenton is a trauma responsive, relationship based organization that provides family-centered support during critical times. Through a comprehensive continuum of services our programs include mental health services, substance use recovery, parenting education, childcare and preschool and access to community supports.

We believe that children should accompany their parents to treatment and that a family centered treatment approach is most effective in building a lasting foundation for young families.


Florence Crittenton provides innovative, comprehensive services and nurturing programs that engage and empower children, young adults and young families to thrive and build productive lives.


To be the guide star organization for high quality, family-centered treatment.


Respect & Compassion

We believe that all families matter and believe each individual to be worthy, valuable and important.


We believe in responsible and efficient delivery of services.


We believe the future is not defined by the past and that families are able to heal and live healthy, successful lives.


When families thrive, communities experience infinite possibilities.

Courageous Innovation

Florence Crittenton was founded on innovation and the courage to support people in the most difficult circumstances. Our approach is based on our historical knowledge and an innovative approach to serving families.

Florence Crittenton: Where Compassion Meets Action

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